Alford & Lynch Replacement Pool Spa Filter, for Unicel C-4326, Spa Filter FC2375, Pleatco PRB25 (1)

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Replacement Pleatco PRB25-in Spa filter for 25 sq ft Spas, Dynamic Series systems, and any Spa systems that need 5 inch (Outside diameter) by 13 5/16 inch (Length) filters.
No Tools Required: Easily replace your old Unicel C-4326, FC-2375, PRB25-in
Made with density combined mirco membrane cloth. Large filtration area and dirt capacity, at he same time the filter has great flow and a long service life
Strong inner core assure a high pressure resistance, anti-micobilogical end caps rests chlorine degradation
Alford & Lynch offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the quality of filtration and overall performance


Alford & Lynch

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